If We Will Not Be Given Space, We’ll Carve It Out of Yours

My most recent published piece, this came out of a breakneck writing process a few days after the election, wherein I decided that I was the only one who I could trust to write the cover story I would want to see after such a calamity for our local version of the Village Voice. My politics and general outlook have evolved since that moment – I’m much more of a vulgar materialist and dirty Marxist now, and have a different view of the nature and scope of the election – but this is still something I’m quite proud of, if only because you can trace a clear line from this to who I am today.

Transgender Living in Year Zero: what we can be to each other in the next four years

You can see some development of the ideas that I published in my Little Village piece here – I wouldn’t use the term “queer nationalism” anymore (I’d use either “material community” or “very gay marxists”). It lacks a degree of humility compared to what I’m actually talking about.

I originally wrote this last November.

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“Halt and Catch Fire”: “The Machine Stops”, and So Will Ours

I wrote this one for an “Introduction to Literature” requirement for my gender studies degree. The grad student teaching the course made a joke to me that “English departments are where all the Marxist and Continental types went to hide once the philosophy department kicked them out”, and I believe him – I learned a lot more about basic Marxist theory from him than I did about engaging with literature (though I did learn a lot about that as well). I’m proud of the ways that it tries to tie the idea of hyper-reality to the contradictions of capitalism, even though it may stumble a bit towards the end.

Still think the bit about the processor was rad – it was one of those moments where you write a whole essay based around a title that you came up with first, but I think it works.

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